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Patrick Hait grew up on the south shore of Long Island during the dawn of the computer era. At the age of seven, my father brought home a Commodore 64 (that he borrowed from school) and I promptly took the whole thing apart. Don't worry, I put it back together! Years later, the same thing happened with an IBM 80386 machine. I certainly learned a lot about how the machine worked and how to handle different hardware installations at quite a young age. As middle and high school came and went, my hardware and software expertise grew. With a friend, I ran Sayville High School's first student-run Bulletin Board Service (that's before the WWW took off!). This BBS actually took home a first prize at the Share Fair at Computer Associates in Islandia, NY in 1996.

I am currently an educator in the Central Islip School District in Central Islip, NY. Throughout my entire life, I have had the drive, desire and ability to share my knowledge and teach people new skills. I have been teaching instrumental music since 2004 (trumpet is my major instrument, if you must know!). However, it is not only nine-year olds that learn from me in Central Islip. I also taught an "Intermediate Computer" course for Central Islip's Adult and Continuing Education Program. My adult students found this a very worthwhile experience. They learned lots of neat little tricks that they can use in their everyday lives.

The one thing I wished I could have done more, was to actually help my students with their camera, or their scanner on their own personal computer. Yes, the adult students learned how to manage their files, add neat effects to Microsoft Word documents, and handle simple hardware installations, but the one-on-one personal aspect of their training was somewhat lacking. One of my students suggested that I should take my 'Technology Education' ventures 'out on the road.' So, here I am!

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